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The chemical industry has been an integral part of the German economy for over a hundred years. Without great minds of chemistry like Haber and Bosch, it would be impossible to provide food for billions of people through modern fertilizers. Even though the term “chemical” has suffered in recent years, chemistry has become indispensable in our everyday lives. For decades, agrochemicals and petrochemicals largely determined global production and supply chains. But dyes, adhesives, plastics and cleaning agents are also ubiquitous today. Yet in this pioneering industry, the development of synthetic fuels and biodegradable plastics in a sustainable value chain is also proceeding unabated.

In this global system, professional translation is indispensable. Miscommunication can have fatal consequences for people and the environment. Safety data sheets must be accurate and understandable for all customers, while also complying with the REACH regulation. Differences in trivial names and IUPAC nomenclature also make life difficult for both chemists and customers. We support you with our professional translators who are explicitly trained in the chemical field or have professional experience in it.

Among other things, we translate:

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