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To protect intellectual property rights in products and processes, there is no global patent office subordinate to the UN, for example. Apart from the European Patent Office, a separate patent usually has to be applied for in each country. So in order to open up new markets, this is unavoidable. However, only a few countries allow patents to be filed in English. Instead, patent applications are often required in one of the official languages of the country, which requires a certified patent translation.

Patenting processes in other countries also differ greatly from those in Germany. The requirements for protection in Germany can be found out at the German Patent and Trademark Office, for example. Particularly in the fields of software and biotechnology, it is increasingly unclear what is patentable and what is not. For example, opposition to patents on certain crops has increased massively in recent years.

In patent translations, it is important to keep in mind that in a patent, technical expertise meets legal language. Depending on the industry from which the patent originates, translation requires in-depth knowledge in several specialist areas. This is important to ensure that the translation is both technically and linguistically correct, especially in the case of comprehensive patent claims. In addition to the actual patent specification, there is also the communication with the respective patent attorneys and the patent offices. Applications, queries, amendments and other communication can quickly lead to more work than the translation of the actual patent. To ensure that your patenting runs smoothly, we support you with our professional technical translators in all languages.

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