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ReSartus sees itself primarily as a language services provider, offering customized solutions for every need. ReSartus comes from Latin and means “to recut”.

This means adapting something or a text, which must fulfill certain cultural requirements and was tailor-made for a specific purpose, to new conditions and circumstances during a transfer.

In our company philosophy, every text that is produced by human hand is a custom-made product. The goal of any text is to fulfill a very specific function.

When a text is translated into a different language or culture, used in a different industry or in a new context, it must be adapted so that it works for the new purpose, culture, or recipient. This process is also called localization in translation studies.

ReSartus was founded in 2015 under the name DEiRi Translation Services and has continued to operate under the name ReSartus since the end of 2018.

The founder and owner of the company is a graduate of the University of Mainz, Department of Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies. He was awarded the academic degree of Master of Arts Translation.

Our Team

Our team in 20 locations consists of employees, technical translators, project managers as well as freelance cooperation partners who support us in fulfilling our mission. You are also welcome to have a look at our references to get an idea of our customers.

Working method of the translation process

Your contact

Armin Deiri

  • Management and coordination
  • Sworn Interpreter and Authorized Translator for Arabic and English
  • Specialized Interpreter and Translator for Law and Economics, M. A. Translation
  • Member of the Fachverband der Berufsdolmetscher und Berufsübersetzer ATICOM

Veronika Deiri

  • Management and quality assurance
  • Sworn Interpreter and Authorized Translator for Russian
  • Specialized Interpreter and Translator for Medicine and Business, M. A. Translation
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