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Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is more relevant today than ever before; at least since the 2020 pandemic, many companies, government agencies and customers have become more open to remote conversations using interpreters online via videoconference or teleconference.

Remote interpreting includes all scenarios where one of the participants in the conversation is not in the same place as the others. For example, a clerk and a client may be in a government office while the interpreter is connected via phone or video from another location.

Remote interpreting can be done by interpreting viavideo conference. For this purpose, interpreters are connected via videoconference to the participants of the conversation who are in a different location, for example in a meeting room, conference room, interrogation room, classroom or in a government office. This type of connection is called a 1:1 conference because there are only two rooms. The participants of the conversation are in one room and the interpreter is in another.

An alternative to this is the so-called n:n or multipoint conference. Here, all participants of the conversation are together with the interpreter in a joint videoconference. Each participant is connected from a different location.

ReSartus has developed a platform for remote interpretation via video with its Hiiios solution. Here, the government agency or company receives login data and can use it to schedule and call an interpreter online. The solution saves clerks from having to make long phone calls and coordinate appointments. For most languages, an interpreter can be provided within 60 minutes.

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Yes, at the latest since November 1, 2013, section 185 (1a) GVG (Courts Constitution Act) enablesthat interpreters can also be remotely connected to court proceedings, hearings, interrogations or to the conference room simultaneously via video in sound and vision.

Today, remote interpreting is more relevant than ever, as many new immigrants are not sufficiently proficient in the German language. Hiiios, the video interpreting solution by ReSartus, makes it possible to have a qualified and sworn interpreter join a meeting or consultation with just a few clicks. This means that for many government agencies, law firms and medical practices, interpreting can now be digitized and the use of interpreters can be automated.

Particularly for interpreters with languages rarely spoken in Germany, remote interpreting is advantageous. This means that the interpreters, who operate nationwide, no longer have to be called up from Stuttgart to Munich for a short appointment, which usually lasts only one or two hours.

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