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Year after year, more than 5 billion euros are spent on digital and analog advertising in Germany. Understandably so – the attention of potential customers is limited and the competition for it is fierce. Tech companies like Facebook and Google make much of their revenue from running ads. A successful marketing strategy has therefore become indispensable for any company that wants to survive in international competition.

Professional translations are essential to maintain your brand’s corporate identity abroad. Otherwise, you may end up like Coca-Cola, which had to rename its iced tea brand “Fuze-Tea” to “Fuse-Tea” in Switzerland. In Swiss dialect, the iced tea would otherwise have very quickly acquired a very insinuating meaning. Because in it it sounds almost like a swear word for the female genital area.

To ensure that your company can meet the market and cultural requirements, we support you with our professional translators. Maintain your international image through stylistically sophisticated marketing translations.

Among other things, we translate:

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Small businesses and global players trust ReSartus

For years, our customers have trusted ReSartus to provide high-quality language services. Full of passion for challenging multilingual communication, we translate into all languages. We are solution-oriented and, if you wish, we can also provide you with interpreters within minutes via our video interpreting platform worldwide.

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