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The statement that the world might have a need for five computers is often attributed to Thomas J. Watson. It is almost impossible to verify whether the former CEO really said this. But the present has often already surpassed our wildest dreams. Today, every lamp in our smart home has more computing power than the AGC – the navigation computer that took the Apollo rocket to the moon over 50 years ago. The incredible pace of software and hardware development has made it hard for many to imagine life without modern technology. Nevertheless, digitization has not yet taken hold to the extent that some would like, particularly in Germany.

The language of the Internet is undoubtedly English. More than 60% of all web pages are written in this language and no other reaches more users worldwide. Still, professional localization is often indispensable. This includes not only a simple translation, but also goes hand in hand with changes in time zones, currencies, temperature specifications and units of measurement. Without one, unforeseeable problems can arise, as NASA found out in 1999. Its Mars Climate Orbiter probe was lost shortly before reaching Mars because the navigation system used imperial units of measurement, which caused the probe to enter the atmosphere too deeply and burn up in it.

With our professional translators, who are trained in the IT field or have relevant professional experience, we will gladly support you in making your digital products competitive in the international market. Together with our language experts, our mission is to keep your messages from crashing and burning from a linguistic perspective.

Among other things, we translate:

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