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H i i i o s remote interpreting

Hi, I am interpreting on screen.

Using the Hiiios remote interpreting solution, you can bring in web-based interpreters for the language you need via web browser.

Made with ❤ in Germany.

Hi, I am interpreting on screen (H i i i o s).

With your government or company account, you can schedule interpreters at short notice and discuss the concerns of your customers or clients.

The system connects you with qualified interpreters within a few seconds. It is also no problem to store file numbers or reference numbers for the purpose of billing or assignment to a cost center. The detailed monthly reporting also allows you to assign calls to individual processes.

We guarantee encrypted and data protection-compliant communication of the highest quality. We would be happy to  create  a free test account for you and demonstrate our solution to you in person. If you have any questions or need more information about our product, please feel free to contact us. We would love to get in touch.

And that’s how it works!

Remote interpreting made easy

  • 3 clicks to your interpreter
  • No installation required
  • Schedule a meeting at short notice and off you go
  • Watch tutorial

Our web-based remote interpreting solution at a glance


Short waiting times

Data security


Cloud solution

No installation



PC, laptop, tablet

Qualified interpreters

Video interpreting for government and corporate clients

What we offer:

Standard und Premium

Additional option: ad hoc (VIP)

The additional option ad-hoc is an on-call service of several qualified interpreters for the respective language required, who can be called up via our platform without prior notification or appointment.

It is our concern to avoid unnecessary waiting times at the time of need, therefore we recommend an online pre-registration or appointment booking if you can plan ahead.

It is important to us that our on-call service is available on a long-term basis with a particularly low waiting time. To make this economically feasible and to be able to plan the resources actually required by our customers, we charge additional monthly standby fees per required ad-hoc language for this additional option.

More information is available upon request.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer and demonstrate our solution to you. Contact us. We would love to get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

To ensure that interpreter availability and coordination is maintained, a monthly base fee is charged. The basic fee includes all charges for appointment coordination, maintenance and software updates, among others. The basic fee is calculated according to the desired lead time to the call. For languages that are to be provided ad hoc, i.e. under 15 minutes, we charge a extra per language in order to meet the urgency at any time, even at short notice.

Standard languages are languages for which we can secure an interpreter for you within 120 minutes of booking via our Hiiios platform. Examples of this are particularly common languages such as Arabic, English or Russian.

Rare languages are languages for which there are no or only a very limited number of qualified interpreters in Germany. We usually provide services in these languages within 24 hours by appointment. Examples include West African languages such as Fula and Mandinka.

What are ad hoc languages?

Ad hoc languages are languages you need with special urgency. We provide interpreters for ad hoc languages in under 15 minutes from the time of need. This means that our coordinators and interpreters drop everything to be there for you on an ad hoc basis.

For all ad hoc languages, several interpreters are on standby. However, since the daily volume of calls for each language and at any given time can never be accurately predicted, we add additional interpreters under 15 minutes as needed. For example, if all interpreters of the required language are in conversation at the time you need them.

This service is currently only offered for certain languages. A list of our current languages that can be added as ad hoc languages is available upon request.

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