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For risks and side effects, we translate your package insert

Few things move us as much as our health and that of our loved ones. But medical terminology is often difficult to understand even for native speakers, and medical translations are not exactly easy. To avoid fatal misdiagnoses due to incorrect translations, our medical translators are explicitly trained in the medical and pharmaceutical fields or have professional experience in them. Whether you are a patient or a pharmacist, a specialist or a pharmaceutical company – we can support you with our trained medical interpreters and professional translations for medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

Among other things, we translate:

Medical conferences and training courses

Are you planning a specialist conference, medical convention or training course for an international audience? Then, white papers, presentations, training materials and other conference materials should often also be made available in the languages of the participants as well as in English. After all, communication cannot take place without a common working language. We will also gladly provide you with the appropriate interpreting equipment and conference interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, so that what was said can be translated into several languages at the same time.

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Every day we help small and large companies and organizations to realize their international potential. We will gladly advise you. Are you interested? Request a non-binding offer now!

Clinics, health offices and companies trust ReSartus

For years, our customers have trusted ReSartus to provide high-quality language services. Full of passion for challenging multilingual communication, we translate into all languages. We are solution-oriented and, if you wish, we can also provide you with interpreters within minutes via our video interpreting platform worldwide.

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