Wir sind gern für Sie da!

And here's how:

In 3 steps to your interpreter.

1.) Enter login data.

2.) Book appointment

3.) Keep appointment.


1.) Homepage

Enter your login data.


2) Make selection

Choose whether you need ad hoc interpreters, book an appointment or keep an appointment.


3.) Book appointment

Enter the preferred appointment date and the required language. You can also enter a reference number if you want it to appear on the invoice.


4) Keep appointment

An interpreter of the desired language will be brought in. You can start the communication. Please note that we do not record conversations at any time. We only store metadata that is required for billing purposes.


Do you have any questions?

We are looking forward to your request. Just contact us.

We look forward to talking with you. The best thing to do is to dial the number for customer support right away at 0711 – 655 21 941 or send us an e-mail at mail@resartus.de.

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